Two Months In

Two months in ! The last two months have been a whirlwind! a very positive exciting whirlwind!

A little stressful in places but mostly, so far, it has been a wonderful experience.  The public are so nice and supportive and everyone has been wonderful.  We have had lots and lots of compliments about our van, our food, our stationery looking so professional and matching, along with our uniform.


People love the fact our boys are involved and helping us.  Louis our ‘super server’, delivers meals to the tables and collects the empty’s, which people seem to really appreciate.  He also loves to help the bar and collects dirty glasses and he does very well from tips!

Thomas our middle son, also serves and has been learning the till (with me overseeing of course). Harry our eldest, is our van cleaner and he polishes the outside every Monday and does the odd till or boxing up shift.  He’s a great help at home and lifts all the heavy items.

All of our bars have worked out great and we have managed to organise some music nights with Kenny and Broken biscuits, which have been great fun. The “So British” weekend at Brantome was a very hot day but went really well. The Montbron night market was super hot, in fact the whole week leading up to the Friday 3rd of August was in the 40’s!. It was crazy hot and the inside of the van hit 50 degrees that week… which is a uncomfortable temperature to work in I can assure you.  However when your very busy, you do not really get a chance to think about it.

We are now feeling confident with our set up, we know our van and equipment thoroughly now, which is good and Renée is doing 280km a week.  In the high temperatures I was sure she would overheat, but she coped very well and the biggest achievement so far was… she overtook a tractor! Yay! Whoop whoop!