Renée at Brantôme Police Horses

Renée at Brantôme Police Horses charity music evening was a great success.  A great time was had by all, eating delicious fish and chips whilst entertained by the Broken Biscuits band.

Brantôme Police Horses is such a special place.  The work that Alison and Roland do providing a unique forever, loving home for brave and courageous UK retired Police Horses is commendable.

A royal arrival

Following a very busy week Renée and the team got prepared for another evening out.  We set off for our hour drive into the rolling countryside. I followed Renée in my car as Paul drove Renée.  I found myself willing her up all the big hills and shouting ‘steady’, on the down ones. Funny! (At that point I wondered if perhaps I was loosing the plot and over doing things!!!).  Our video man Mike, was there on our arrival filming Renée as we approached. I had actually forgotten about that so it was a nice surprise. Renée loved it and felt like royalty! Jane our professional photographer was also there, snapping a shot. It was quite an arrival!  You can see our arrival in the video below 🙂

Brantôme Police Horses is set in the beautiful French countryside, near the town of Brantôme and the evening sun was still hot hot hot… but just starting to lower in the sky.  Everything was nearly set up and then I realised I had forgotten the beautiful thank you flowers for Alison and Roland (the owners).   I guess it was better than forgetting the fish!

Having done the whole hello, meet and greet French kissy thing, we needed to get cracking and get ready to serve mega servings of fish and chips.

Renée at Brantome Police Horses

Broken Biscuits band (Cindy and Graham) arrived and very soon the evening was off and away. Lots of friendly faces and hungry people.

Renée at Brantome Police Horses

There were a good few new customers who admired our Renée and she posed perfectly for more photos. Good job Harry had given her a bath that morning.

Renée at Brantôme Police Horses

The boys worked hard delivering the meals to everyone’s table and the evening went smoothly.

Renée at Brantôme Police Horses

Finishing for the night we could then sit and chat to our friends and customers and eat fish and chips.. NOT!  We donated 150 euros to the fabulous Brantôme Police Horse charity, which Alison and Roland were really grateful for.

Brantôme Police Horses

We hope you enjoyed reading about Renée at Brantôme Police Horses and if you have never visited, you must add to ‘your places to go’ list. It truly is a magical place.  Details about other events and open days can be viewed on the website:  Meanwhile, you can see some of the beautiful horses in the video below.

Be great to see you!

If you missed out on Renée at Brantôme Police Horses… don’t worry you can view our locations here