British Fish and chips at your French wedding?

Absolutely, why not! I do love a good wedding. I’m Renée by the way, vintage and stunning. I fit in well at any classy occasion and yes I’m such a boaster.

Vintage Fish and chips at your event
Trundling along, slowly but surely!

I always bring out my best paintwork for a wedding and show off my best side. I do love taking a selfie and I promise not to dance badly at the end of the night. Oops getting excited just by the thought of a wedding……anyhow I guess you want to know about my fish and chips, not my dancing!

My first wedding

This is where I saw my first wedding. I was at the Abbey in Brantome, when another old friend turned up with a well posh ribbon on his nose.  I wasn’t even formally invited but I got in all the photos 🙂 I guess I was sort of photobombing… haha don’t I look the part.

Chateau de Fayolle

Renee fed a wonderful wedding party at Chateau de Fayolle with live music provided by local band Broken Biscuits. What a fabulous afternoon we all had.

My Kitchen

If it’s a special celebration, gathering, wedding or even renewing your vows, I would love to come and open up my special side. I have an amazing kitchen inside me.

Vintage fish and chip van at events
Happy Chef……service with a smile!

Waiter Service

We can do posh or casual, just as you like, with or without table service. We can offer you Britain’s favourite dish of “proper” fish and chips in a traditional way (in a box). Oh and by the way, to cut down on plastic and to be even more ‘proper’, we give you metal knives and forks.

Our Menu

We offer a wide choice from our menu. You can have traditional Cod or mix and match with 100% Chicken fillet pieces, Scampi, Sausage and even Calamari. You can offer your guests a ‘mix and match’, along with vegetarian options, such as homemade Falafels (great with a slice of lemon and sweet chilli sauce), Camembert bites or Chilli Cheese balls. The list goes on and I’ve not even mentioned the sauces yet.

Vintage fish and chips at your event
Happy face

Try before you buy!

Of course, you would want to come and try our food and meet Renée before you book a special event. Here are our locations and we would love to see you anytime.

Full tummies and happy faces!

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