Have a garden party with our vintage fish and chip food truck!

Renée, our beautifully restored vintage food truck, would love to come to your Garden party or event, to offer delicious traditional British fish and chips!

Something to Celebrate?

Do you have something to celebrate? Or have you perhaps missed out on a party opportunity, a special birthday or anniversary? A belated celebration is just as good!

Party time!

So, you want to have a party, but it feels all a bit much to organise. Keep it simple, we can provide all you need with a personal service to suit your day. All you need to do is open up your garden and tell your friends!

Ditch the stress!

When you decide to host a party, it can often feel like you have to spend the earth to have your perfect special day. Are you looking for perfection? Why not put you own stamp on your celebration, make it relaxed and fun, easy and comfortable and unique to you. Why not hold it in your garden!

Why a garden party?

Many people find a sit-down formal meal fussy and uncomfortable. Inviting people into your garden is the perfect way to give them a warm welcome. Your friends, your garden, will instantly make them feel relaxed and at home!


Spice it up a bit! Add your own personal touch! Put some personality into your party with music! Your hospitality will go a long way. Here are some recommendations, if you like the Sax, Phil the Saxman is great, or even The Charente brass band !

Quirky, Unique, Vintage and Classy!

Separate your garden party from the rest. The presence of Renée in your garden is a real talking point, a trip down memory lane for some! A real piece of vintage class in your garden!

Vintage garden party
Sunflowers are like little smiley faces!

Why Renée?

Let me tell you why you really do want Renée at your party.

Born in 1964, she’s 56 this year, making this old girl truly vintage! She’s a Citroen H.Y van, French, but she does speak a little English!

Happy Days!

She spent her young life in Holland being bashed and kicked about by cattle and horses. It was there that she fell into a deep dark sleep!

2016 was the year that someone else’s wheels were used to bring her to England.

Slowly the kiss of life was put back into her little heart, and finally in 2018 after being stripped, dipped, polished, and poked, she became Renée.

A classy Bordeaux rouge, food truck.

Her insides cook the best fish and chips ever!

Why Fish and Chips?

Catering for a number of people is not easy. Not knowing peoples preference can leave you in the dark for ideas. Fish and Chips is one of the nations best loved meals, and therefore a great bet in terms of satisfying guests from all walks of life, including fussy children!

Flexible and Adaptable!

We can provide you with a varied menu, and lots of choice to suit all of your guests. Including vegetarian, vegan and gluten free!


We are happy to provide home made desserts, or fresh crepes. White chocolate cheescake is always a hit!

Why not throw in a dessert table for all those with a sweet tooth!

Nothing to do………

We provide it all…. Serviettes, sauces, knives and forks. And, we clear it all away, No mess, no fuss, and most importantly…. No washing up! Leaving you to chat, relax and socialise!

To discuss your garden party, contact us on lorna@lepetitpoisson.fr or call on 0682 59 09 83 for more info see our website @ www.lepetitpoisson.fr

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