Montbron Night Market 2018

44 degrees… that was outside the van! Inside 48/50 degrees! Ouch! So having spent all day preparing and fully loading our Renée to the gunnels, we set of for our very hilly, twisty, slow journey in the old girl from our home to Montbron.

As soon as we arrived it was clear the size of this event, the chaos began! Eventually after overheating, reversing up a few crowded narrow streets, we found port B and placement 330! Only to realise… we were smack bang next to another fish and chip van! (oh dear).  We didn’t mind because our Renée is such a looker, but our neighbour wasn’t impressed! Oops! He refused to continue and requested we move because he arrived first. So off we trundled! Still smiling!

Our next pitch was better and facing away from the blistering sun, we were happy. We had to shimmy a bit to fit into our lines drawn on the concrete. But we did it. Whilst setting up we noticed another Citroen HY van (a dinky, sweet, little pink and blue Panini truck… so Cool!) They loved Renée!.  So, we set up and we were ready to rumble.

It was a easy gentle start. Lots of friendly familiar faces, all good. During the evening, we had one funny thing happen and one naughty, cheeky thing happen. Funny first, Louis our son, who was milling about, looking and shopping and generally soaking up the atmosphere, with his big brother Harry, spotted a stall selling chickens. Yes, live whole chickens! During the evening, much later while we were very busy, along came Louis with a enormous box. I had no idea. I asked the question (of course) “what’s in the box Louis”,  “a present for Grandma”, was the reply!  You could have knocked me down with a feather! So funny trust Louis! So, now I had a very hot chicken in a box (to keep alive for the next 3 hrs). Poor thing. I reckon that box was as hot as our van.

Now for the naughty thing. Paul (hubby) stepped off the van in a quiet moment leaving me serving on my own.  A male customer came along and ordered Fish, Chips and Calamari.  I served him and told him the cost, he took the box, put the money in my hand (7 euros short) and walked away saying he had a stall here, and it was quiet for him! Cheeky devil!

We finally finished about 1.15 am and carried “chicken” half way across town to my car. Legs popping out of the box and all sorts. The things we do!