Brantôme ‘So British Weekend’ 2018

23 and 24th of June 2018 saw Renee taking pride of place at Brantôme ‘So British Weekend’.

Having only just launched our brand new business, this event was a real baptism! We wasn’t sure what to expect but we new a few sure things. We knew we had a wonderful spot in the beautiful town of Brantome opposite the beautiful Abbey and were very excited to get some great photos of Renée by the rivers.

We were also lucky enough that a wedding party turned up to celebrate adding the atmosphere was wonderful. 

The event opened and the people kept coming! Sooo, we did what we do best and kept serving!  We ended up serving until late, with people loving the van and taking lots of selfies. 

Sunday was a very long day, but very worth it, and we even got to a chance to walk around at the end of the day.   We were invited back next year and cannot wait.  Thank you Brantôme for such a special day.